Firefox 1.5.0.*
Thunderbird 1.5.0.*
SeaMonkey 1.0.*
Firefox 2.0.*
Thunderbird 2.0.*
SeaMonkey 1.1.*
Firefox 3.0.*
Thunderbird 3.0.*
SeaMonkey 1.5.*
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XPI (flat) Install or Download Install or Download Install or Download
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The XULRunner packages contain only the chrome code for XUL Widgets, with the following structure:

  * chrome/xulwidgets.jar (jarred chrome only)
  * chrome/content/xulwidgets/ (flat chrome only)
  * chrome/locale/en-US/xulwidgets/ (flat chrome only)
  * chrome/skin/xulwidgets/ (flat chrome only)
  * chrome/

To use them, merge the chrome directory with your XULRunner application, and then append the contents of to chrome.manifest.

  1. The version number on XUL Widgets is 0.5.1. If you have an earlier version, reject it and wait about 24 hours for the project mirrors to finish updating.
  2. Version 0.5.* is NOT BACKWARDS-COMPATIBLE with 0.4.*. You should uninstall version 0.4.* before installing version 0.5.*.
  3. Version 0.2.* had a broken install.rdf and update.rdf. You will not receive any further updates for version 0.2.*
  4. Version 0.3.* for flat builds will update to a jarred XUL Widgets, which is why you should manually request version 0.4.0.
  5. A few XPI packages may have had a version number of 1.3.2. This version number is incorrect; the actual version of that release was 0.1.1.

The xulwidgets project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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