Introduction to XUL Widgets

Welcome to XUL Widgets!

Welcome to the XUL Widgets project! This project is intended to provide extensions to current XUL toolkits in projects, and new XUL widgets which give XUL application developers more capabilities. In a sense, XUL Widgets is XUL's answer to JSLib.

This manual is very incomplete and in flux, as is XUL Widgets itself. The current version is 0.5.1. Your contributions will be welcome!

  1. Introduction
  2. Including XUL Widgets with your project
  3. Extensions to current widgets
    1. <xul:textbox invalid="true"/>
    2. <xul:textbox multiline="true" contents="code"/>
    3. <xul:textbox xulwidgets="true"/>
    4. <xul:deck xulwidgets="true"/>
    5. <xul:dialog xulwidgets="true"/>
  4. New widgets
    1. <xul:serverpost/>
    2. <xul:dialogbox/>
    3. <xul:controldeck/>
    4. <xul:document-fragment/>
    5. <xul:synchronized-fragment/>
    6. <xul:repeated-fragment/>
    7. <xul:integercontrol/>
    8. <xul:usererrorbox/>
    9. <xul:menulistset/>
  5. Coding Conventions
    1. Errors and warnings
    2. Source-code documentation
    3. JavaDoc comments
    4. Documentation in this manual
    5. Test cases
  6. General XUL Widgets development
    1. Most Wanted List
    2. Roadmap
    3. Review requirements
    4. Contributors
    5. Special Thanks To...
  7. How To Create XUL Widgets as XBL Bindings: A Primer
    1. Getting started (with XUL Planet and a few templates)
    2. Special tricks about the DOM in XBL
    3. Importing external scripts and stylesheets
    4. XML entities for oft-repeated code
    5. Adding widgets to XUL Widgets (the package)
    6. When In Doubt: Tools and Resources

The xulwidgets project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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